Saturday, February 27, 2010

Time Flies

Well its been awhile since I checked in. I wanted to let everyone know that I am doing well and my jaw is healing quite nicely. The only remaining part of this journey is orthodontics and waiting for the remaining numbness around my chin to go away.

I should have braces for another year and a half. Its weird as my teeth are starting to line up and I never really realized how crooked they were. I saw my orthodontist last week and he fixed four broken brackets (two from the surgery) and replaced my wires. Apparently, since they cut slightly above the roots of the teeth during this surgery, the teeth move much faster right after the surgery.

The numbness about three months out for me feels like I visited the dentist and had work done about a few hours ago. Most of the feeling is back, but I still don't feel food when its caught on my chin or lip. So you learn to wipe your mouth after every few bytes after this surgery so you don't look silly eating out with friends.

I spoke with someone I didn't know on IM today about my surgery. It reminded me there are still folks out there preparing for this surgery, with alot of anxiety, and wondering how things will turn out. They asked me if the surgery was worth it. Of course for me, the surgery was necessary as my health and well being were starting to get impacted by sleep apnea. A good friend of mine who had the surgery, and two follow up surgeries to clean up a post-op infection stated that if he had to do it all over again, he would. For my case, I almost did the surgery twice, except the second surgery didn't involve any cutting on my lower jaw. I am extremely pleased with my results and how my new jawline looks. I no longer snore and my concentration during the day has vastly improved.

Looking back, I wish I wouldn't of worried so much about the complications, insurance, how I would heal, what I would look like, what happens if something goes wrong, etc. Simply put, find a skilled, proven, and licensed Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon that has done this surgery for many years, several times a month, and its extremely likely you'll be pleased with the outcome. Get a second or third opinion from different surgeons. Could there be complications, yes. Know them, but don't let the fear of them paralyze you.

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