Sunday, December 13, 2009

Strength, Strawberry Milkshakes, and Sunshine

I decided to get off the painkillers and take just ibuprofen today. Normally, with this surgery, you are on painkillers a week, or two, if you choose. Because the reset button was pressed a week in, now I knew I would be on painkillers much longer than I had planned. My surgeon mentioned he had one patient take just ibuprofen after leaving the hospital. That is just crazy. I briefly thought about it after the second surgery, but quickly reconsidered.

I tested the waters and made it three hours yesterday under just ibuprofen. This morning, I stopped and began to manage the pain. I have a ThermiPAQ heating pad that is made of a mixture of clay and oil in a plastic bag, wrapped in another cloth bag. You heat it in the microwave and it radiates heat for along time. When the pain becomes too much for the ibuprofen to handle, I alternate with the heating pack on, and off until I can manage it. Its not that I want to suffer, I am just tired of being medicated. It feels like I am missing life and have been in a reverse time warp. Things aren't getting done and I am just zoned out watching TV.

This afternoon I was able to get out and play with Abby at her school playground. She was so happy to be able to complete this length of monkey bars by herself without me catching her if she fell. When we were driving home, we both hurt. My jaw hurt, her hands hurt. I ran in for my heating pad and Abby ran her hands under cold water.

My kids brought me home a strawberry milkshake from Sonic. I quickly devowered it in a few minutes, being careful not to get a brain freeze. I am starting to appreciate the simple pleasures again.

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